Bradley Edwards

Computer Science - University of Waterloo
Business Administration - Wilfrid Laurier University

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About Me

I'm currently in my second year of the Computer Science + Business Administration Double Degree Program. I enjoy problem solving and learning new things, particularly those related to technology. In my free time, I enjoy remaining active through weightlifting, running, and a variety of sports. I'm currently looking for an internship position for January - April 2019 so if you feel that I'd be a good fit for your company please reach out!

Work Experience

Software Developer - Systems Team

Over the duration of my four month co-op I contributed significantly to the creation of a currency converter app for Shopify stores, which allows for international customers to view the store's prices in different currencies. My involvement with the project lasted for three months, and I was able to develop the product through its entire SDLC, working closely in an agile environment with other developers, designers, product owners, and customers. View an advertisement for the product here.

My specific contribrutions include the creation of Smart Select, an algorithm that strategically positions the dropdown in a suitable location on the storefront (using jQuery to add it to an HTML class), and tools in the admin panel to allow store owners to style the dropdown (display currency flags, adjust colours, borders and text, dropdown list alignment, custom positioning, etc...)

Upon the completion of the project, I spent 6 weeks working with Alexa SDK v2 to create a skill (written in Node.js) to convert the rates of over 200 currencies through voice commands. I was also able to familiarize myself with AWS, as the skill was uploaded to a lambda and connected to API Gateway to provide an endpoint for testing.

Uxbridge Summer Camps

Camp Counsellor & Camp Supervisor

I had the pleasure of spending four summers at Uxbridge Summer Camps - two as a counsellor and two as a supervisor. I directed the Counsellor In Training program, as well as Circus camp, both of which provided me opportunities to build my leadership, organization, and interpersonal skills with people of all ages and backgrounds.

Uxbridge Secondary School

Peer Tutor

I tutored other students in a variety of subjects including: computer science, calculus and vectors, advanced functions, and physics. These experiences not only helped me better grasp fundamental concepts, but also improved my abilities to effectively communicate and teach the topics to others.



I worked with a team of four at Hack the North to develop an Android application that enables users to more easily manage their budget.The app is proof-of-concept and works with the TD Da Vinci API to simulate virtual users, as well as the Yelp Fusion API to make recommendations on shopping destinations that better suit customers' budgets.

All code is written in Java and XML, with budgets stored in TinyDB. The application can be viewed in more detail here.

Unity3D - Banana Ball Blast

I created this game as part of a grade 12 computer science project, where we were assigned the task of "creating anything we wanted". Scripts were written in C#. An android version of the game is also available, download the apk here.

Play PC Version!


I designed a reddit-like website in PHP that has different levels of access based on account type. A MySQL database was used to store and retrieve all profile information, articles, comments, and administration settings. I developed knowledge in database design, and implemented queries, including a customizable search query that could search within any selected categories through the use of joining. Lastly, I added some bootstrapping and fancyBox modals to improve the UX and overall UI.

PHP Text-based Video Game

This was my first sizable project, in which I wrote a text based adventure game using PHP, SQL, JavaScript, HTML and CSS, modelled after the classic video game Zork.
I created a MySQL database to store user login information and game saves. The project was a great way to improve my UI abilities, and improve my imperative programming abilities! I also introduced myself to password hashing and JavaScript (which I used to add sound effects).


Technologies and Frameworks


University of Waterloo

September 2017 - August 2022

Bachelor of Computer Science

Wilfrid Laurier University

September 2017 - August 2022

Bachelor of Business Adminstration

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